Let’s face it: social media is by far the best way to reach thousands of people at once. In today’s connected world, every business — including restaurants — needs to have an online presence.

So how can you use the many social media sites to boost restaurant sales? You’ll need a strategy.

That means learning a few actionable tips on how to market your restaurant on any of the social media sites you prefer.

Find Your Followers

Running a social media account without any followers is like screaming to an empty room: you’ll waste a lot of energy and nothing will come of it.

So find your followers!

The one way to do that is to concentrate on making great posts. Use photos of your food and your space to entice people to visit. Post something every day to keep your restaurant in people’s timelines.

Stay local. Although there are billions of people on social media sites, you only need to focus on those in your immediate vicinity. People will not drive an hour to your restaurant all the time, but people a few blocks away can become regulars.

Building regular followers take some time, just like building a regular clientele base for your restaurant. Stay diligent and present your best, and the followers will come.

Boost Your Posts

Once you have a group of followers, you shouldn’t stop there. Keep trying to grow your followers and good things will happen.

Some social media sites like Facebook will let you “boost a post,” where you pay money to have featured posts on the timelines of people who don’t follow you. Even a simple boost of $20 can reach hundreds of people who’ve never heard of your restaurant before.

Boosts are customizable, too. You can choose who sees your posts so you can target your intended audience.
Great posts to boost would be special events and new menu items.

Embrace Instagram

If there’s one thing Instagram users love, it’s pictures of food. The site seems ready-made for sharing pics of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So don’t disappoint!

Take the opportunity to get some great pics of your best-selling dishes and post them. You can also encourage customers to post their own photos as well. People love sharing their experiences with their own followers. This can lead to more people visiting your own page and creating new customers.

Don’t be afraid to post many times a day on Instagram, either. Some brands will post up to 50 times a day!

While that’s a lot, it shouldn’t take long for you to figure out how often your followers like to see posts.

More on How to Market Your Restaurant

There are many different ways on how to market your restaurant on social media sites. Sometimes, it’s hard to do all on your own and you may need some help. Whether you need specific help with one site or a general marketing strategy, you can always find the help you need.

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