Fractional CMO Services

Get the c-level marketing talent you need without the full-time expense of a c-level employee.

Need c-level marketing without hiring a full-time employee? Get RAD.

A Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) leverages for-hire, C-suite capabilities to enable strategic, results-based growth that is designed to build, transition, and execute critical B2B and B2C digital marketing functions for your business as you scale or renovate your offering.  


Time spent with a Fractional CMO is an investment in taking possession of the solvency of your business with a low level of cost, commitment and risk.


Fractional marketing empowers C-suite leadership to focus on their roles, while delivering honest feedback, instructions, guidance and training. Savvy marketing leadership provides content planning, budgeting, and/or oversight of internal and external communications to effectively:

 ✅ Create a strong marketing foundation and enduring culture

 ✅ Direct content and digital infrastructure 

 ✅ Grow acquisition and nurture multiple channels 

 ✅ Develop and implement a best-practice system 

 ✅ Nurture resources and deliver game-changing. data-driven insight 

The right Fractional CMO doesn’t merely listen to your conversion struggles or the ability to attract and retain high-value clients, we take responsibility for full-cycle marketing endeavors with expertise, honesty, and the confidence to shorten the sales cycle and increase ROI. 

Put simply: we are an accelerant to your success.

FAQs about our Fractional CMO Service

Have questions about what the RAD Fractional CMO service is all about? See below for some of the frequently asked questions and our answers. If you still have questions and want to chat more or get started using our service, please reach out.

Fractional CMO services offers c-level marketing from our team of carefully vetted marketing experts with years of experience and track records of success. Our fractional CMO services offer support, strategy, leadership, and a way to bring a level of expertise into your company without hiring a c-level expert as a full-time employee. This service is great for companies looking to improve or increase their marketing for business growth.

C-Level marketing support is like having an experience CMO on-call who can help provide direction in any marketing situation. This can include driving a new marketing strategy or initiative, or heavily supporting an existing one. Either way, the c-level expertise behind the effort will bring it to the next level.


Offering a true marketing leader who can bring new ideas or refine existing ideas is what our fractional CMO services offer. It’s about providing experienced leadership that can initiate ideas or change direction with confidence and offer proven strategies and results to support those decisions.

Creating and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy isn’t just about knowing the strategies and tactics. Instead, it’s about taking a very strategic approach based on expertise, knowledge, and the ability to lead. Our fractional CMO services offer high-level marketing strategy and direction that will be executed with close oversight and specific success metrics.

Fractional CMO services provide hands-on mentoring to your staff with the backing of full agency support to build infrastructure, identify KPIs critical to successful growth, while lowering the total cost of ownership of C-suite staff. 

A Fractional CMO has worked for several companies and dealt with both successes and failures, which means that in addition to having support access to a full team of marketing professionals, they also have insight into best practices and strategic thinking that can be applied to a variety of contexts and company cultures. 

The Fractional or part-time CMO is contracted – often a month at a time – for a “fraction” of the total time a traditional CMO would spend at the office and at “fraction” of the total cost. 

A Fractional CMO with a diverse, high-level portfolio of experience saves time and money wasted on candidates that are out of budget or underqualified, and recruiters who don’t understand your business.

If you are afraid of success, uncertain if you want your business to grow or and would not like to expand your offering, a Fractional CMO may not be right for you.

If you are ready to define new markets, increase the capacity of your current offering, or overhaul your brand image a Fractional CMO is your special sauce.

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer can also support peak business periods to optimize your presence at trade shows, special events that often require additional attention or oversight beyond business hours, as well as the bandwidth and network resources to support internal and external communication efforts where a PR department is struggling or non-existent. 

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Education: Sal graduated from St. Joseph’s University in 2004 with an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology. He specializes in search engine optimization, PPC, and the overall design and development of marketing strategies. He also has extensive experience with a variety of marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Active Campaign, and SendInBlue.

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