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Local SEO Citation Building

So you want to improve your online business visibility?

Citation building is basically taking any information available about your business on other websites and making it become more visible through online searches. The more your business information is available on other websites the more it becomes easily available for potential clients to find it when doing a search for your business. 

What are these credible sources that will help your business rank higher on those search engines?

Local Search Engines

If your business gets listed frequently on other websites like Yelp, SuperPages, and other similar websites, that can have a major impact especially when search engines crawl the web to validate information in their indexes.

Getting listed on these websites will show accuracy in the confidence of your business name, location, and website.

Citation building will involve a lot of campaigns to have your business listed on these websites. For instance, actively having clients rate your on Google will increase your business visibility in local search engines.

Data Aggregators

Data aggregators are those primary information providers that collect the data available on a particular business, for instance from yellow pages, review websites, or business registry directories and provide this information to search engines. In the United States, the primary data aggregators are Infogroup, Localeze, Neustar, and Acxiom. 

Local Directoris

Directories like Facebook,  LinkedIn, and Yelp can contain a lot of information about a business. Also, they are well-indexed by search engines and are associated with a particular city, country or region. These are by far the most helpful because of the amount of traffic that they carry. ] will automatically result in a higher visibility for your business in the search engines. 

Industry-Focused Directories

An industry focused approach will mean having citation building in industry directories and blogs which are related or identical to your business because it may be included among the sites that the local search engines count as a citation source.


The importance of citation building cannot be over-emphasized since it’s the most basic form of a business development strategy that one can implement in his/her business.

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