Over 400 billion US dollars are spent every year on marketing tactics. If you’re looking to build your small business, it’s essential to have a strong marketing plan in place. Building a customer persona may be the perfect place to start.

With over 700,000 US businesses still in their early years, it’s important to know how to stand out from the crowd. Zeroing in on a customer persona is the key to attracting consumers and rising above other businesses.

A buyer persona is a generalized representation of your ideal customer. It will identify your target market and help you build your brand.

Not sure how to make a customer profile? Although you’ll need to build a persona that fits your brand, take a look at these six examples to gather ideas.

1. The Loyal Persona

This buyer persona fits customers who like to stick with the brands and products they know and trust. They answer best to brands that emphasize loyalty and consistency.

2. The Persona With a Purpose

The consumer who fits into this persona is someone who adjusts their shopping habits to fit with their beliefs and passions. They tend to choose brands that are there to serve a greater purpose.

3. The Bargain-Hunting Persona

This type of customer profile is based on consumers who search for the best deals. They often choose businesses that offer coupons as their primary marketing tactic.

4. The Quality-Searching Persona

This consumer wants to find the highest quality of a specific item. They aren’t focused on discounts but instead are willing to pay higher prices for a high-quality product.

5. The One-Stop-Shop Persona

This type of shopper likes to get all their shopping done in place. Instead of focusing their shopping habits on prices or quality, they’re focused on the ease of purchasing.

6. The Forward-Thinking Persona

This persona responds best to brands that focus on innovative technology and forward-thinking. This type of customer wants to know that your brand is dedicated to staying up-to-date.

If it sounds too difficult to choose only one customer profile–don’t worry. Many brands shape their marketing around two or more target markets. The most important thing is that you understand who your consumer is, even if it’s more than one type of buyer.

How to Choose the Best Persona for Your Brand

Now that you’ve explored some possible examples for what a buyer persona may look like, it’s time to build your own. Knowing the ins and outs of your customers will help you market to them and reach new audiences. Here are some steps to show you how to choose the right buyer persona.

Gather Data About Your Consumers

Your current customers will know themselves better than anyone else. Don’t be afraid to conduct surveys or interview them yourself to gather information about their lifestyles. You can also use Google Analytics to tell you where your visitors are coming from and which keywords are leading them to you.

Piece Together a Customer Avatar

When you’ve gathered enough data, it’s time to write down everything you know about your ideal customer. The goal is to build a concrete character that your small business can use to shape their marketing strategy.

Increase Your Following, Build Your Brand

Establishing a buyer persona is an essential step to growing your small business. By using our persona examples as a guide, you can gather your data and create the perfect persona for your brand.

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