5 Reasons Why Brands’ Messaging Should Slightly Differ Across Social Media Platforms

Did you know that there are 3.8 billion social media users throughout the world? That is a huge audience that is at your literal fingertips if you handle your marketing and communications properly. It can be challenging to know the ins and outs of every social media platform in order to best leverage their social networking powers. Cross posting your brand’s messages across different social media platforms is critical to driving significant website traffic. Keep reading to learn five reasons why a brand’s messaging should slightly differ when posting to multiple social networks.

1. Post Across All Social Media to Reach Different Audiences

As a business owner, you know your primary and secondary audiences. It is most efficient to target internet users in these audience groups. However, not all social media platform is created equal when it comes to audience. If you sell professional services you should communicate to potential clients on LinkedIn. Although Instagram might be a good platform to share your company culture for potential new hires. Weigh your options and change your messaging appropriately.

2. Social Media Platforms Have Different Strengths

​ Cross posting is also important because social media platforms each have different strengths. If you have a heavily visual campaign you should consider using Instagram and Facebook to promote your business. Twitter is a great platform for driving website traffic and LinkedIn is useful in community building.

3. Copy Length Varies Across Social Media Platforms

If you want to copy and paste a LinkedIn post onto Twitter, odds are the post is going to be too long to fit the platform’s 280 character limit. You must tweak your messaging to fit the specs of each platform. This rule goes for image ratios as well.

4. Expand Social Media Advertising Opportunities

If you limit your brand’s social media presence to one platform this severely limits your digital advertising opportunities. Why not expand your company onto other social networks in order to gain access to their advertising capabilities? Flex your messaging on your ads for each platform’s audience.

5. Social Media Networks Have Different Vibes

You do not want to be the brand that is boasting about their cool hip new item on an outdated social network. Stay up to date with what social media platform trends are. Consider branching out onto new platforms like TikTok to keep up with the time.  Keep your content authentic to the social media platform. You should have brand guidelines that outline what your company’s voice is like on each individual social media platform and on social media as a whole. Respect the vibe, and your audience, on each platform.

Why Cross Posting Is Important

Now that you know five reasons why cross posting is crucial for brands in 2020 it is time to get started. We know that it can be a handful to manage multiple social media properties and do it well. River Avenue Digital is here to help you with your social media and more.

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