Fractional CMO Services

The C-level talent you need – without the full-time expense of a C-level employee. Tackle your most ambitious marketing goals with fractional CMO services from River Avenue Digital.

What Role Does a Fractional CMO Play in Your Business?

A full-time CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a huge investment  – but what if you only need part-time help with marketing initiatives? Fractional CMO services bridge this gap by providing on-demand leadership to execute critical B2B and B2C marketing functions.

The goal of River Avenue Digital’s fractional CMO service is to empower growing companies to meet their benchmarks – while providing honest feedback, instructions, guidance, and training.


Businesses shouldn’t have to compromise on marketing leadership due to budgetary constraints. A fractional CMO provides affordable access to the marketing support you need – on an “as needed” basis.

Scalable Services

Fractional CMO services are designed to accommodate marketing needs as a business grows. Get the support you need today and tomorrow.

Empowers Your In-House Team

A fractional CMO keeps marketing initiatives aligned and provides leadership to your team – so they can focus on what they do best.

Low Commitment, Low Risk

Businesses can work with a fractional CMO as much – or as little – as they need. These services are perfect for companies in the growth stage, between in-house leaders, or that simply need a 3rd party expert.

Our Fractional Marketing Services

Strategic Digital Marketing

Hire an expert to design, map, and implement your next digital marketing campaign.

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Content Marketing

Give your content the attention it deserves – and the results you need.

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Social Media Marketing

Make your presence known to the right people at the perfect time.

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Digital Advertising

Maximize every penny in your digital ad budget with expert support.

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Search Engine Optimization

Get organic visibility on search engines for your most valuable keywords.

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Local SEO

Expose your company to local customers the right way – and earn precious foot traffic.

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Websites & Landing Pages

Present your digital presence to the world with class and elegance, without compromising.

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Hire a Fractional CMO from River Avenue Digital: How It Works

Schedule a Strategy Call

No two businesses are the same. Our first task is to understand your need for a fractional CMO on the ground level in a no-obligation consultation.

Match You with a Fractional CMO

Once we understand your marketing needs on a granular level, we’ll pair your company with the right expert on our team to meet your goals.

Build a Marketing Roadmap

Your fractional CMO will work closely with your team to create an all-inclusive plan to cover your marketing needs and reach milestones. We’ll map out every detail to answer the who, what, why, when, where, and how to accomplish your vision.

Augment Your Marketing Operation

Your business will experience the benefits of fractional CMO services from day one. Your CMO will align marketing initiatives and make sure your resources are being used to the fullest advantage.

Our Promise to Clients:

Crystal Clear Pricing

No one likes hidden fees and sneaky upcharges. River Avenue Digital makes no mysteries in pricing – we’ll work with you and your budget so you’ll only pay an agreed-upon rate. No tricks, no gray areas, no unwelcome surprises.

Quick Responses

When you hire a fractional CMO, we function as part of your in-house team. That means we respond to emails, calls, and pings like we’re sitting in the same office.

Commitment to Deadlines

Hiring our fractional CMO services gives you access to expert guidance and proper planning to meet all project deadlines, no matter what.

Team Mindset

Whether you need a B2C or B2B fractional CMO, River Avenue Digital is on your side from A to Z. We operate with a “your success is our success” mindset in every campaign.

Have any questions or want to learn more about fractional CMO services?

We understand that outsourcing critical CMO functions can be intimidating – that’s why we prefer to educate companies as much as possible before making a decision. Take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions we get about our FCMO services and check out our blog The Fractional CMO Guide: Everything You Need To Know.

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