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Using Digital to Boost Your Brand

We focus on a strategic approach to digital marketing that encompasses all digital touchpoints and customer engagement.

Through a strategic approach to digital marketing, we devise a plan and implement marketing tactics that meet the identified business objectives. We create and maintain an effective digital presence and use metrics to ensure progress.

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Strategic Marketing Plan

Our digital marketing plans are based on research, insights, and data to achieve business objectives.

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Competitive Insights & Analysis

We evaluate the competitor’s approaches to find gaps. We evaluate, differentiate, and add value.

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Branding, Positioning, & Guidelines

We define your brand and position then create guidelines on what to say and how to say it to your customers.

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Customer Personas & Journey Maps

We identify your audiences and plot their behaviors, attitudes, and questions to create the customer journey.

What You Get...

Select each of the RAD deliverables to learn more about what we offer within the scope of our digital marketing services.

Digital Marketing Plan

To create an effective digital presence, we must first plan the work, then we work the plan. Our digital marketing plans are created based on research, insights, and data that offers the most effective strategies that will achieve the business objects and contribute to the overarching goal. When creating a plan, we also factor in the real and ideal states of the business, competitor’s approaches, and a comprehensive action plan outlining our steps to success.

Competitive Analysis

Competitors exist both in physical and digital formats. We evaluate competitor’s approaches to branding, messaging, and digital marketing to find the gaps and identify ways to fill them. We evaluate, differentiate, and add value to expand your reach and remain competitive.

Real and Ideal State Analysis

To get to where you want to go, you have to know where you are starting and what success will look like when you arrive. To paint that picture, we take a deep dive into the real state of your business as it stands. And then we work with you to create your vision for the future. We outline both the starting point and where we are headed and use the strategic plan to create the map from one side to the other.

Marketing Positioning and Unique Selling Proposition

Do you know what makes your business or brand unique? Is it your origin story? Is it your service level? Whatever it is, the differentiator creates your unique selling proposition and helps you stand out from your competition. We help you identify that point of distinction and tell your story so it resonates with your audiences.

Brand and Editorial Guidelines

Consistency is key. Brand and editorial guidelines offer information on what to say and how to say it when anyone is writing or creating content on your behalf. The guidelines should be shared, followed, and used to ensure all brand mentions and language remains consistent and imagery contributes to the intended experience.

Persona Development

Do you know who your customers are, where you can find them, and what they are thinking during various parts of the customer journey? To create an effective customer experience, create leads, and optimize conversions, we create customer personas and journey maps that outline the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors of your key audience segments. We outline the change in their attitudes as they progress through the journey and where content and marketing strategies can make an impact on their decision-making.

Customer Journey

A customer journey evaluation and map plots the behaviors and impact points where content can influence audience decision-making. The customer journey follows a basic flow of awareness, consideration, and decision-making, then turing cutomers into advocates. However, behaviors, attitudes, and questions change throughout the journey and the research and resulting maps provide those insights.

Marketing Campaign Planning

A marketing campaign encompasses a series of objectives, strategies, and tactics with a focused approach on a message or action. With goals in mind, we create marketing campaigns from the conceptualization through to execution and measurement.

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