Not too long ago, content creators started to approach the online realm in a different way. Research (and human nature) told us we need to write our blogs with short paragraphs, catchy headers, and eye-catching images. Then, came the rise of video. YouTube and short, sharable videos took hold of the scene.

The current standout is Instagram. And it’s not a passing fad; Instagram incorporates the best of everything. You can scroll through wonderfully curated images, read short captions, and explore a fuller blog/company site whenever the mood strikes.

Forgive us for the major fandom we’re about to expose. But, we truly believe Instagram’s business platform will have a wonderful effect on your brand’s exposure. So, let’s run through some Instagram ads best practices. It’s definitely a train you want to hop on, starting today.

What Are Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads are similar to Facebook ads. They’re dispersed throughout your regularly-programmed scrolling. And, actually, they look quite organic. Since you’re in control of the imagery or short video you’ll post, the design-work is up to you. Make it as eye-catching and fabulous as you possibly can.

From the ad, people can come on over to visit your profile and scroll some more. If your page is well-crafted, then you can really win over some new leads. Of course, your company site will be listed at the top of the page, so visitors can visit whenever they’re ready.

Of course, you also have Instagram Stories ads. As you’re browsing through your friends’ stories, you can pop in a story ad to, again, intersperse your company’s beauty and invite people to come on over and enjoy your profile.

So, what’s the best way to win a piece of this pie? With over 500 million daily active users, you’re setting yourself up for more than a few crumbs. Here are three ways to set begin your Instagram advertising conquests.

1. Reuse Old Posts

You don’t have to sit down tonight with a graphic designer to create the ad of your dreams. Rather, go back through your old posts, click “View Insights” and see which ones did pretty well. These posts can be the kickoff for your first few ads.

2. Choose Your Sequence

Once you have your highest-performing posts set aside, try to choose an ad sequence that works. What kind of journey do you want your customers to go on?

Perhaps you’ll start off with one of your basic product offerings or a company intro. Then, your next ad can feature newer products or more advanced offerings.

3.  Reassess Your Captions

Since you’re reusing your best posts for a very specific reason (to gain new leads), you want to be mindful of your captions. Break it down into three elements:

  • The Hook – Craft an opening line that’ll make people stop scrolling.
  • The Call to Action – Call scrollers to take some sort of action/change some elements of their lives.
  • The Rest of the Post – Use the rest of the caption to tell a story. Give it a unique voice. Take readers on a journey. On social media, first impressions are everything.

Instagram Ads Best Practices for You

And there you have it! To create the best Instagram ad, choose posts that you know will traffic well, sequence them in the right order, and rewrite any captions that need a better hook or bit of storytelling.

If you’d rather see those of us with some serious Instagram fandom running through our veins do the heavy lifting, then send us a line today! Here at River Avenue Digital, we can set up your social media presence, develop custom content, and do it with a frequency that will maintain steady attention.

No matter how involved you’d like to be, we hope these Instagram ads best practices will help you launch an ad campaign that’ll take you to new heights. Here’s more on how to run a successful social media campaign – across all platforms. When you’re ready, we look forward to sitting down to create a unique, engaging, and creative campaign just for you!