People are putting more and more weight behind digital marketing. Nothing makes this more apparent than the 41 percent jump in what people spent in 2017 for digital marketing.

This might make people think that offline marketing is dead, but that’s simply not true. Don’t believe us? We’ve put together a few things to show you how offline marketing can still be beneficial to your business.

Why Use Offline Marketing?

With so many people focused on digital marketing, offline is virtually untapped. Leaving those who are looking for products or services offline under served and completely open for you to swoop in and get their business.

It’s simple, not all people use search engines or social media to find what they need. In fact, 4 billion people aren’t online at all. This may be people living in rural areas or others who simply have no interest in being online. With everyone clamoring over digital platforms, it’s easy to forget about those who don’t use them.

Another point is that since offline marketing is so underused, it is really simple to break into the space and get some bank for your buck.

What Kind of Offline Marketing is There?

There are a few different types of offline marketing you can use. Depending on your business some of them will work really well and others could be less efficient.

Working with a professional can help you decide an offline marketing strategy that will work alongside your online one.

Direct Mail

The direct mail approach to offline marketing used printing materials to reach your customer base. This can include postcards, letters, catalogs or newsletters. This may seem old fashioned, but it’s perfect if your target customers are part of the group that doesn’t use the internet.

This is also a good option if your business is something that is subscription-based or recurring. You can send your customers a postcard reminding them that they are due to come in or that their subscription is coming to an end.

Printed Handouts and Flyers

Printed handouts are similar to direct mail except these are left in shops, on windshields and handed directly to people.

This approach works best for businesses that are locally based. You aren’t going to want to waste your time with handouts or fliers if the people you are handing them out to aren’t in the position to benefit from your services.

A lot of times these are most helpful for events or to inform people of a sale. They can be easily tied into your digital campaigns by adding a QR code that directs them to a landing page.

Offline Marketing isn’t Dead

Offline marketing might seem a little out of the box in our digital age, but it can help you reach people that have otherwise been forgotten.

It can also help you to remind people that they are due to come to see you or make them aware of a sale or event that they would have completely missed otherwise.

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