Digital Milestones from 2023

Reflecting on a year of transformation, River Avenue Digital anticipates yet another year of significant growth milestones. The company’s commitment to excellence has yielded a surge of successful relationships, expanding client engagements and propelling our reputation as one of the foremost digital marketing agencies in the greater Philadelphia area. 

With the acquisition of Tampa Bay’s Bash Growth Strategies in 2023, RAD continues to expand its reach as an agile digital marketing agency, ensuring tailored, strategic solutions for client needs, while upholding the core values and vision of founder and CEO Josh Irons

“As partners with our clients, we understand that their success is our success,” remarked Irons. With this mindset, our focus is dialed in on long-term relationships, sustainable growth and ensuring our success and reputation is collaborative.”

New Hires Focused on Client Relationships

As part of River Avenue Digital’s ongoing commitment to client success, key new hires have been strategically added to our team. Joe Ashby serves as President of Tampa Operations and with the addition of Elise Romero as Director of Client Success, Jordana Weinstein has stepped up into the role of Vice President of Client Success. These additions, particularly focused on client relationships, enhance RAD’s capacity to deliver tailored solutions and white glove service and attention to detail.

Growing Digital Marketing Agency 

At the helm of RAD’s content team are seasoned professionals Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Alison Wolf and Creative Director, Douglas Piccinnini. With the understanding that less than 1% of users get to the second page of search engine results, the River Avenue Digital team knows that it’s imperative to remain committed to exploring cutting-edge technologies when it comes to digital storytelling that makes an impact and helps small to medium sized businesses reach their audiences

How to Grow Your Business Strategically in 2024

Entrepreneurs realize that they can grow faster by keeping their costs down – this seems obvious. However, what many businesses fail to take advantage of is the addition of Fractional Chief Marketing Officers (FCMO) to their team. For pennies on the dollar an FCMO makes a huge impact to your business by adding c-suite level talent into your marketing efforts at a fraction of the price. 

For entrepreneurial-business leaders, collaborating with River Avenue Digital’s FCMO team is a strategic and high-octane solution to gain market competitiveness and reach your audience without upsetting your margins.  

As part of River Avenue Digital’s renewed strategic vision for 2024, the firm is proud to offer our core competency – Fractional Chief Marketing Officer services. For clients, this ensures that they receive tailored marketing and strategic execution from a deep bench of experts to make sure: we tell your story and reach your audience. 

Strategic Guidance to Navigate Shifting Market Dynamics

A cornerstone of any marketing team is in the ability to adapt their efforts for clients to ensure goals are met. We understand that what worked yesterday might not work today – agility is key. This adaptability extends to online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, web design, digital strategy, and the utilization of advanced data analytics and reporting tools.

Our commitment to innovation is further underscored by leveraging cutting-edge AI tools, enhancing our precision in researching and targeting granular audiences. Additionally, River Avenue Digital integrates the powerful StoryBrand framework, empowering clients to refine their brand message and craft narratives that deeply resonate with their audiences. This commitment to agility and innovation positions RAD not only as responsive to market dynamics but also as a resource-expanding partner, delivering unparalleled support.

Our commitment goes beyond just building great websites – and we’re good at that too; take a peek at our new product for entrepreneurs and get to know how we excel in crafting compelling digital experiences. 

We’re here to empower your organization, providing services that captivate, convert, and compel. Put your best foot forward with us, begin the conversation.