What Is an SEO Audit and Why Is It Important?

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What’s all the hype about SEO?

The truth is that focusing on SEO remains one of the best ways for small business owners to ensure customers will find your services and buy your products.

But many businesses push time and effort into boosting SEO only to be disappointed with the results. They deploy the best local SEO tools and invest but don’t make much progress.

One reason for all that disappointment is simple: They never perform a site audit.

What is an SEO audit?

It’s the best way to create a starting point for your digital marketing strategy.

It’s also a great measuring stick to track your progress. Here’s why you need an SEO audit to succeed:

What Is An SEO Audit? What’s the first thing someone asks you when you call for directions to the spot you were supposed to meet them at 20 minutes ago? Where are you?

Unless they have some idea of where you are starting it is next to impossible to direct to where you would like to go.

An SEO audit works the same. The audit will focus on on-page analysis, off-page analysis, technical analysis, competitive analysis, and keyword research.

But the 20 minutes late is also key. If you haven’t performed an SEO audit yet your business is running behind the competition.

Check in With Google

How are your websites performing according to Google? Are you working with penalties?

Part of an SEO audit is checking in with Google to see how you are performing. Google publishes the dates its algorithm changes.

If you are seeing a decline in traffic directly after these changes your sites may be penalized by Google.

As these changes are made regularly, it’s important to evaluate your progress.

How’s the Competition?

Focusing on your own site is essential. But like all parts of a business strategy, it is important to keep an eye on your competition.

Even if you are having success, the question is how far behind are businesses in your sector. Are they miles behind or right on your back bumper?

Evaluate the technical on-page, Google requirements, and the competition will provide a complete picture.

Not One and Done

Even if you have performed an SEO audit in the past that doesn’t mean your business is in the clear. Unlike getting directions from a friend or advisor to find a spot on the map, digital marketing is more complex.

With SEO you can’t just follow the tried and true directions you used in the past. Google makes SEO a moving target.

The changes Google makes to its algorithm are simple and complex; secret and shared.

Performing an SEO audit regularly will allow your business to adapt to these changes. You will also be able to measure the progress you have made since last time.

Trust The Experts

​Like a lot of analysis, SEO audits are often best performed by someone outside of your organization.

River Avenue can help. We will help your business understand what is an SEO audit and how they can inform your overall strategy.

Knowing about SEO audits is one thing. It takes experience and skill to create an integrated strategy from your findings.

Don’t fall further behind. Contact River Avenue today to get the help you need.

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