What if your brand got a huge boost and someone else did all the work?

That’s the true potential of user-generated content. With the right UGC marketing, you can transform your most devoted customers into the kind of brand ambassadors that grow your customer base.

Wondering what UGC can do to benefit your own brand? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Customer Engagement

UGC helps boost customer engagement. And what many businesses don’t understand is that higher engagement is even more important than metrics such as the number of online followers.

That’s because many people treat online discussions from family, friends, and followers as a kind of “word of mouth” advertising. Basically, if several people that someone trusts are now talking about a product or service, a person is much likelier to go experience this for themselves.

Brand Value

The next benefit flows directly from the first benefit. Here it is: user-generated content enhances your brand value.

Think of it this way: everyone knows that “buzz” is great for business. However, businesses often struggle to define what buzz means or utilize it in any meaningful way.

With UGC marketing, there is a perception that something that has generated so much content and discussion must be valuable. This is a similar phenomenon to someone wanting to see a new movie or TV show after they are exposed to dozens of related memes via social media.

In short, they think if the content was worth someone’s time to make, it will be worth their own time to go check out the product.

Save Time

Some of the benefits of user-generated marketing may be more obvious than others. For example, UGC saves your business a lot of time!

That’s because every business, no matter its size, must engage in marketing to help promote sales. Without UGC, marketing responsibilities will fall on your shoulders or to someone else within the company.

When users are doing the “lion’s share” of the marketing, though, it frees you and everyone else up to concentrate on things like product research and development. The end result is that you create a product that is even more buzz-worthy than ever before!

Establishing Trust

Despite the fact that the users are doing all of the work with UGC, this form of marketing helps to establish trust in your company.

We already touched on one reason for this: people will trust what their friends, family, and followers trust. The other reason, though, is that many demographics (such as millennials) are wary of traditional advertisement.

These are the ones who run ad-blockers on their computer and stream movies and TV shows to avoid ads. And when they do see an ad, they are wary of what the business is selling.

With user-generated content, their guard is down because company praise is coming from people they trust. And this helps them trust your brand before they ever try your product.

UGC Marketing: Your Turn

Now you know the benefits of UGC marketing. But do you know who can help you maximize its potential?

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