Social media has always been a powerful tool for small business owners, but now it is even more powerful than ever. The good news is that social media platforms know this and want to support small businesses. So they are rolling out new functions to make supporting and shopping small easier for your customers. Here are three “secrets” to leverage these tools and your online presence to encourage and empower others to support your business.

Gift Cards.  

Facebook recently rolled out a function that allows customers to purchase gift cards directly through a business Facebook page and promote the gift cards through Instagram stories (check it out, it’s pretty cool!). To set it up, you can find the functions on the backend of your Facebook business page (and of course, you can ask us if you need help!).

Host a Giveaway. 

Consider asking your customers to donate $5 or $10 for a chance to win your product or service. Once they pledge or send a donation, you can draw a random winner from the qualifying entries and give away a product or service package. Customers feel good about donating to your business and you feel good about offering your products or services (which costs will be covered by the entries). 

Join a Follow Loop. 

Know a group of business owners or colleagues in your field? Create a follow loop (similar to the old-school chain letter concept). You follow three people, they each follow you and three more people, and eventually, the follow loop has created a slew of new high-quality followers who are all united by a common thread.

If you have any questions about the benefits of these functions or how to get set-up, reach out (and check out our offer below).

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