People love color. In fact, they love the many shades and hues so much that just the sight of them can influence whether people buy or sell from a business, can affect your company brand, and your overall image.

If people aren’t walking into your business, there’s a good chance that your colors are to blame.

Yes, it does sound a little far-fetched, but you won’t believe how businesses have been affected just because of the colors they use to represent them. If you aren’t careful, you could lose thousands or even millions of dollars just because of this.

That being said, here are a few colors you can use for your restaurant marketing that’ll influence the people to make their next buy at your business.

4 Colors to Use for Your Restaurant

Use some of these colors to help turn your business look into one the people can’t get enough of.

1) White

White is a good go-to color for those just starting out with color-matching. It can fit any room and accent any atmosphere, and it does it all without being too loud or too soft in the environment.
White is great to mix and match with basically any other color you want to add, being able to both accent other hues and be the star of the show. Just be careful not to have an entirely white room or you’ll look like you run a hospital.

2) Yellow

Yellow is a very cute and vibrant color, giving off a warm appearance. This will be great for restaurants, as research has shown it can increase the appetite of people in the presence of the color.
Simple shades of yellow on the walls or yellow chairs at the tables can really help make customers feel at ease and help your restaurant bloom.

3) Red

Have you ever wondered why businesses like McDonald’s and Advance Auto Parts use red in their brand? It’s to symbolize the speed that the company offers its customers.

Red stands for many things, but in the business world, it has been synonymous with speed for decades. Companies love to use it to show their customers they offer good service and fast.

If speed is what your business is about, like with fast food, red is the way to go.

4) Green

Is your business big on being clean? Do you want to show that your products are fresh? If so, green is the best color to portray that.

Green is the color of the earth. When we see green, we think of things that are healthy, natural, clean, and fresh. Why else do you think we use phrases like “green energy” or “greenhouses”?

This color is best for those who wish to give off a calm vibe that tells the customers their products are the cleanest, healthiest things on the planet. Trust us, the tree huggers will thank you.

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