Crucial Marketing Mistakes Your Business is Making

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The key to running a successful marketing campaign is avoiding the crucial marketing mistakes many small businesses make? Not sure what those are? Here are 5 crucial marketing mistakes your business may be making.

You Don’t Have a Website

Did you know only 51% of small businesses have a website? Out of all the marketing mistakes, this one is by far the biggest. You may not think you need a website because you’re a local business, but the reality is most customer search online first for products and services, so if you’re not online, they won’t think of your business first.

There are many great website platforms that let you make a website yourself in an easy and affordable way. By creating one, you can drive potential customers to your site during their Internet searches, capture the customers your competitors without websites can’t and make more people aware of your brand and product offering.

You Don’t Track Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is an expensive effort, so it’s important to know if your campaigns are paying off. If you’re not tracking website goals with Google Analytics, or keeping track of calls or foot traffic, you won’t ever know what’s working. By paying attention to how your paid ads are converting, you can adjust your marketing efforts to make the most impact.

You Don’t Pay Attention to What Your Competitors Are Doing

Part of a successful marketing campaign is knowing what your competitors are doing and how your campaign compares to them. You should find at least three similar businesses and study their marketing efforts, so you can see how their marketing campaigns have succeeded and failed. You can apply those learnings to your own marketing efforts to avoid making the same marketing mistakes as them.

You’re Reaching the Wrong Audience

Not knowing your real audience or targeting the wrong people can be a deadly mistake in marketing. You shouldn’t base your marketing efforts on the type of customer you want, you should base it on the kinds of people most likely to engage with your brand or purchase your products. You should do audience reach, chat with current customers, and determine your target demographic to make sure your marketing efforts are speaking to the right people.

You Don’t Have a Marketing Plan in Place

If you don’t have a marketing strategy, you’re most likely not going to achieve the marketing success you’re looking for. By planning your strategy, specifying the tactics you’ll use, determining how much everything will cost and how long it’ll take to implement, you can greatly increase your chances of success.

Final Thoughts on Marketing Mistakes

As a small business owner, you’re bound to make some mistakes–especially when it comes to things like marketing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn, grow, and develop newer and better marketing campaigns. By avoiding the mistakes in this article, you can craft a truly successful marketing campaign that sets you apart from competitors.

Are you struggling with your marketing efforts? Want help crafting a better marketing strategy? Contact us to learn more about our marketing services!

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