Nearly 1.5 billion people log into Facebook every day. With an audience that size, there’s no way you can ignore this opportunity.

However, when it comes to using Facebook for law firms, just creating a profile isn’t enough to earn you new clients.

You have to be relevant, unique, and friendly. Keep reading to find out what you should and shouldn’t do with your law firm’s Facebook page.

DO Create a Social Media Policy

A social media policy should clearly outline what will be shared on your firm’s Facebook page, who will plan the posts, and how various situations will be handled.

This is vital if you want to protect your law firm against potential problems, like being blamed for discrimination in your posts. It will also ensure that the work gets done as it sets up a plan for who does what and when.

DON’T Leave Your Page Blank

If you’re planning on creating a profile for your firm that you’re not going to update more than once a quarter, you’re better off not even having a Facebook page. People that do find your page and see it blank will assume your business isn’t worth looking any further into.

DO Post Regularly

To avoid having a blank page, make sure you’re posting things to it regularly. If you have a blog for your firm, this is a great place to share those informative blog posts.

You can also share posts such as:

  • Legal tips, tricks, and other information
  • News on current events that could have people needing a lawyer
  • Updates on any changes in your firm
  • Helpful articles from other law firm websites
  • Photos of and stories about your attorneys

Having a combination of posts will show potential clients that there’s a real person behind the page and that you’re not just there to shove your contact information down everyone’s throats.

DON’T Feed the Trolls

Internet trolls are people who purposely try to make someone else mad. They may be overly sarcastic, directly insulting, or try to start an argument for no reason.

When you respond to these types of people, you’re simply feeding their desire to get a reaction out of you. Once you learn to spot this type of comment, it’s easy to just ignore it so they’ll move on to bug someone else.

DO Engage with People

With everyone else, however, you want to engage with them. After all, that’s what social media is all about!
Respond to comments, especially if they’re questions or comments related to your law firm. You want to be both professional and friendly. Basically, treat everyone that you interact with online the way you would treat them if they stepped into your office.

Learn More About Facebook for Law Firms

You now have a few pointers to get you started. If you want even more information about Facebook for law firms and how it can help you connect with clients, contact us today.

We’d love to chat with you about your law firm to guide you to your next step in growing your business.