Did you know that most companies allocate more than 10% of their marketing budget to content creation?

High-quality content can help an online business get loyal customers quicker and it improves brand awareness as well.

However, content alone is not attractive enough these days. Marketers and website owners focus on interactive content to promote engagement and site traffic.

What is interactive content? Keep reading to find out!

1. What Is Interactive Content?

We can say that something is interactive when it encourages action, engagement or involvement.

During an interactive lesson, the students take part in the discussion, ask questions, and give answers. Interactive content is the type of content that promotes engagement and involvement from the audience.

2. Why Is Interactive Content Important?

Online marketers strive to create emotions in readers and viewers. The strong emotion is what makes people take action. Interactive content has the ability to create this type of emotion that eventually makes your audience ask questions or perform some sort of action.

Whether you’re interested in getting more leads, increase website traffic or make your readership stay loyal, interactive content shouldn’t be missed from your marketing strategy.

3. Learning About Different Types of Interactive Content

If you’re wondering how can you create engagement with just a piece of written text then you’ll probably be surprised by the answer! There are many ways you can create interactive content and make your audience take action.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Polls and quizzes – do you want to find out the preferences or opinions of your audience? Create a poll with a few answer options or an interactive quiz. Your readership will likely select their favorite answers and make you understand their preferences better
  • Online tools and calculators – there are companies out there that buy junk cars and offer cash in return. They have set up an online calculator that lets you find out exactly how much money you’ll make based on the make and model of your car. This is definitely a great technique to promote user engagement and establish better relationships with customers
  • 360-degree videos – especially if you’re into home design or you want to promote your restaurant, creating a 360-degree video will likely impress your audience. There are special camera modes that allow you to do that even with a smartphone and your viewers get the chance to see how beautiful your restaurant/coffee shop is while sitting in front of their computers.
  • Simple apps – it’s not that difficult to create an app these days, especially if you sell a wide variety of products and services. Make sure that you design your app with user engagement in mind. Allow the user to state his/her preferences at each step, so you can better learn how the mind of a potential buyer works.

Now You’re Ready To Play With Interactive Content On Your Website!

Hopefully, this article answered your original question – what is interactive content?

Feel free to play with different types of interactive content to impress your audience and stay ahead of your competition.

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