Google’s pay-per-click advertising methodologies are a critical element for any business that wants to promote itself effectively online. In fact, your success in Google AdWords is likely the difference between where you are now (or were) and higher revenues.

As with any online platform, Google AdWords is going through a rapid evolution over the next few weeks by now offering a new lead generation optimization tool. Google’s Lead Form Ad Extensions are the answers to businesses who want to better their position in the online marketplace.

In this short post, I am offering you a quick overview as to what Google Lead Form Ad Extensions are and how your marketing efforts may stand to benefit from using them.

What is Google Lead Form Ad Extensions?

Google Lead Form Ad Extensions is a feature that allows end-users to open a pre-defined form within Google’s search results, which populates their contact info and sends a request without their having to visit your landing page or website directly.

The feature is currently in its pilot phase and is only available via mobile.

Pretty great, huh?

Lead forms are already a star attraction on well-known social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s exciting to see Google start testing this feature and rolling it out within their own environment.

It will also likely increase conversion rates since users are faced with a barrier to participation. And we all know the fewer clicks necessary to access your content equals better results.

Our marketing team is already preparing for the new feature’s arrival and plan to use it to increase engagement and conversion by using it to:

  • Encourage filling out contact or request forms for more information
  • In-use as a way to quickly access or download a lead magnet
  • Increasing contacts and leads on your email list
  • Capture registrations and signups for an event

In our minds, the possibilities are endless. And since more than 65 percent of web traffic comes from a mobile device, I am betting that Google Lead Form Ad Extensions are poised to do well for both the platform and the marketing professionals and small business owners that use them.

Benefits of Using Google Lead Form Ad Extensions

While I have already outlined a few simple, primary advantages of using Google Lead Form Ad Extensions, there are a few others definitely worth pointing out.

Other ways that this new feature may improve your marketing results include:

  • The ability to offer a seamless mobile experience to end-users
  • Proactively receive leads while the consumer is in-market
  • Increased conversion rates due to the convenience of pre-filled forms
  • The reassurance of growing an audience faster
  • Customizing the user experience by offering highly-targeted ads

As you can see, there is no shortage of reasons to invest in this new opportunity, mainly if your target audience is fast-clicking, mobile-toting consumers of the IoT.

Reach out to RAD to learn how this can help your business.