Did you know that 97% of customers go to the internet to find products they wish to buy? Does your business have a presence in your niche social media market?

Gaining knowledge about marketing via social media will increase your business’ reach. Since most people use the internet to find businesses, higher rankings on Google increase the chances a customer will contact you.

What Do These Acronyms Mean?

If your expertise is in dancewear, you may be out of your element when it comes to marketing. Help is available.

First, you must understand the terminology.

Search engines are web pages that help you find things on the massive internet, i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ecosia.

Primary search results are seen on the web page that comes up after you put in your search term. The search engine ranks the websites listed in order of relevancy to users.

Paid search ads or SEMs refer to paid advertising.  Advertisers can pay search engines and social media sources to promote their product. They will even specifically target customers by interest, age, location, buying patterns, etc.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves optimizing your web page to help it appear higher on the primary search results page. This strategy works in a non-paid environment. Your strategy is to use keywords that link customers to your site.

Marketing to Your Niche Social Media

Are you ready to use SEO and SEMs to see your business at the top of the primary search page? Competing with the big boys may be tough. This leads us to niche social networks.

Most individuals will tell you to focus on Facebook, Twitter, or Goggle+. You may find more success by tapping into a specialized or niche network.

Niche social networks allow you to reach a more targeted audience. Strategic networking provides an opportunity to connect with future customers. You also connect with potential business partners across the globe.

Some niche sites center around common core values or interests similar to your business. Exploring other businesses’ marketing and merchandise style may give you new ideas and directions.

So how do you find the right niche network for your business? Start with the tried and true Google search. Look for sites or companies that align with your company’s core values or product lines.

Here are some examples to help you get started.

Sample #1 Environmentally Friendly

If you Google “environmentally friendly” you can find a site featuring information about:

  • Getting Certified to stand out in the marketplace
  • Build Your Business by connecting to green consumers
  • Make a Difference by growing the green economy
  • Get Connected by meeting your green peers

These strategies help you reach customers, build professional networks, and grow your business.

Sample #2 For Foodies

If your business involves food, drink, catering, personal chefs, or nutritionists, you may want to target the foodie audience. Get ideas from other businesses’ websites. What services can you provide that will make them bookmark your site?


  • Recipes
  • Menus
  • Shopping lists
  • Menu planning guides
  • Party planning guides
  • Authentic regional serving ideas
  • Nutrition information

Partner with other companies to offer customers a full package. If you make wedding cakes, partner with a caterer, florist, photographer, and wedding planner. It becomes a win-win for all.

Offer promotions and discounts via social media sites. This may cause your business to “go viral”. Increasing sharing on social media increases free marketing for you.

Research and find a niche market to join that aligns with your target audience and start networking. Include blogs discussing your market niche and using SEO keywords. Free websites help you to find keywords that rank high on Google searches.

Ready to Enter the Digital Marketing Sphere?

Marketing plays a major role in business success. Companies constantly compete by using innovative marketing strategies.

In 2019, the marketing trend has moved to niche social media. Our site provides explanations, information, and strategies to build your business. Continue exploring and learn how to increase your market impact today.