Digital Marketing Starter Package

River Avenue brings clarity to your digital marketing and provides the online foundation you need to launch your business.​ Take Digital Marketing off of your to-do list while growing your brand, increasing prospect and client engagement, and developing a digital presence you can be proud of.

River Avenue’s Starter Package is developed specifically for your business. All engagements begin with a discovery meeting conducted in person or by video with one of our senior strategists. We do this to make sure that we craft a unique campaign for you that emulates your voice and brand. The nuances are critical. We will want to understand essential items such as any professional guidelines, who you view as your competition, your goals, and your current follow-up techniques. This way we can become an extension of the team and seamlessly add value during the process.

Our deliverables may include a logo, brand statement, website, content, social media management, citation building (Local SEO), digital advertising, CRM recommendations, email drip campaigns, video, etc.

We look forward to developing a custom plan for your business specific to your brand’s goals. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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Customer Personas & Journey Maps

We identify your audiences and plot their behaviors, attitudes, and questions to create the customer journey.

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Content Strategy

We create an effective integrated strategy that identifies audiences, messages, and channels to market your business.

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Content Creation

If we recommend accounts, we will set them up. And if your existing accounts could use some love, we optimize them for improved performance.

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Social Media Strategy

We create a social media strategy that identifies the channels, messages, and frequency for posting and communicating.

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Website Design & Development

Website design is not just about making a site look great – it’s about making it look great and creating an effective user experience.

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Branding, Positioning, & Guidelines

We define your brand and position then create guidelines on what to say and how to say it to your customers.

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Digital Ad Strategy

Understanding which digital media outlets your audiences uses and the right time to serve up ads that promote your brand.

Work with Us: A Top-Rated Digital Marketing Agency

We enjoy working in our Delaware County, PA community with small and mid-sized businesses. But thanks to technology, we can work with any company, anywhere. So regardless of your location, reach out to us if you want to chat learn more about how we can make your business RAD!

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