A functioning website, on both a desktop and a mobile device, is essential for your law firm.

Nowadays, every type of business needs a point of contact on the Internet for potential clients to scope out information regarding your business services.

Law firms must include a few important features online to stand out from the rest of the law firms in the area. A well-designed website will make clients want to work with you.

Be sure to check out these top 5 things to include in your law firm website design if you are looking to change up the current layout of your site.

1. Lawyer Biographies

One of the most crucial things to have on your law firm website is a strong list of lawyer biographies.

Lawyer biographies are great selling points to include on your website. Prospective clients want to do their research on lawyers before they choose who they want to work with. Clients will choose to work with lawyers who appear well-qualified, dignified, and intelligent.

Lawyer bios ought to include information such as a brief educational history and examples of previous work. Talk about the types of cases each lawyer has completed over time to build an intriguing portfolio for potential clients to view on their own time.

2. A Great Law Firm Website Has Beautiful Visuals

It’s vital to have plenty of visuals on your law firm website, too. Visuals are necessary to draw visitor’s attention as quickly as possible so they do not click off your site.

You need to engage with your audience and visuals are the first step to create a story with your website.
Consider hiring a professional photographer to create images to post all across your site and on each separate tab.

You should include headshots of your top-performing lawyers to put their faces next to their biographies. Images of the city you represent are also key to show how much you care about looking after your clients who live in the area.

3. Upload Contact Forms

How do you expect your potential clients to find you on your site? Keep in mind the importance of having contact forms at the ready.

Have a compelling section of your site dedicated to interacting with your potential clients.

Contact forms are easy to upload to your site and will provide these clients with the ability to reach out to the lawyers at your law firm at any time of the day.

4. Call to Action Elements

Another vital thing to have on your law firm website is plenty of call to action elements. Call to action elements are as easy as having “learn more” buttons at the top of your pages.

The call to action elements will need to be bright and eye-catching, too. Be sure to make these elements look sharp and modern for all of your clients to find on their mobile device or desktop computer in seconds.

5. A Blog

Top performing businesses, even law firms, should think about starting a blog on their website. Blogs are great tools to keep your SEO in check. SEO is also essential for website growth.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s how you achieve organic views on your website with the implementation of a running blog. Blogs do not have to cover all things related to law; they can even cover recent news topics to stay relevant.

Want More Website Design Advice?

Leave a great impression with your potential clients as soon as you start featuring these 5 things on your law firm website.

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