Everywhere you look, everyone is talking about cutting-edge digital marketing. They’re all looking for the latest ways to snag consumers’ attention, from social media ad targeting to geofencing.

As successful and innovative as those tactics are, they can’t be your only techniques. There are still plenty of “oldies” that have much to offer to your marketing strategy.

In particular, check out these traditional advertising techniques you should keep around.

Direct Mail

Everyone knows that email marketing has great value because your message lands in consumers’ individual inboxes. While that’s true, it also works with the snail-mail version: direct mail.

In fact, people are getting less snail-mail than before because more companies are opting for email marketing instead. That means your direct mail will get more attention.

Be sure to opt for a direct mail postcard instead of papers inside an envelope. The easier it is for consumers to see your message, the better.

Spot-On Signage

Signage outside your business has a lot to offer, and we aren’t just talking about your business name. Various types of signage about products you have, current sales, and more, can catch the eye.

This is especially true if you’re in an area with a lot of traffic, either on foot or on the road. People who spot your signs are likely to become curious. They might decide to Google you to learn more instead of walking in, but at least you’ll have their attention.

Bold Billboards

A billboard may not sound like a revolutionary idea, but its effectiveness is all in the execution.

Do your research to find out which stretches of road in your area have the most traffic. Ideally, choose areas that tend to have gridlocked traffic so drivers have time to look around and read your billboard.

Make sure it’s the right kind of traffic. For example, if you’re advertising a night club, avoid areas where most of the drivers are people with spouses and kids.

Don’t forget about your design, too. There will be plenty of other messages competing for drivers’ attention, but they also can’t take their eyes off the road for long. Opt for eye-catching designs with quick, simple messages.


Internal marketing, or marketing to people while they’re inside your business, is vastly underestimated.

Have hand-outs like flyers or brochures that tell customers all about your newest products, upcoming events, and current specials. Have your staff give these hand-outs to everyone who walks in your doors.

Keeping an Eye on Traditional Advertising

Many businesses assume that the best way to pull in customers is to be more advanced, more tech-savvy, and edgier than their competitors. While this can help, it’s also important not to lose sight of more traditional advertising techniques.

The strategies above can pair with your digital marketing plan to reach as many customers as possible in a meaningful way.

As with anything else, though, you’ll get better results if you bring in a professional. Contact our marketing agency to find out what we can do for you.