During this time, the River Avenue Digital Team wants to help you talk to your customers with relevancy and sensitivity.

We know that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on so many businesses, families, and lives. But we also know that businesses that learn to pivot, show compassion, and continue engaging with their customers are those that will create an everlasting impression and thrive when we get to the other side.

To stay top of mind, here are a few ideas that will leave a lasting impression with your customers and make a positive impact on your business:

Host a webinar.

Consider a topic that is relevant and something you know a lot about. Can you teach something new or offer a way to manage what they may be going through right now?

Start talking online.

Go Live on Facebook or Instagram and tell a story, share a tip, or just connect with others.

Make your efforts two-fold.

Host a giveaway or online contest that helps your business and your customers, and maybe even brings in a partner.

Write it down.

Feeling some feels right now? Use those feelings and write a blog post. Get those feelings out by writing – and then share what you created.

Work on your website.

Now is a good time to add content to your website (testimonials or downloadable assets) – anything that you “haven’t gotten around to yet.”

Update your info.

Update your social media accounts and optimize your Google My Business page.

Be a guest.

Consider being a guest on a podcast or interview series.

Keep meeting people.

Make connections on LinkedIn and create or join virtual happy hours.

Lend a hand.

There are people in your community who are definitely hurting right now. They may need financial assistance, a warm meal, or simply an ear to listen. Go the extra mile and do what you can to help.

RAD is determined to continue supporting our fellow businesses and offer assistance however possible.  If you have any questions or would like to talk with our team about some ideas, reach out. We are here.