As we work to adjust to a new working environment and define a temporary standard, we know it can feel daunting to pull together all of the moving pieces.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone. Across our communities, the news and effects of COVID-19 are changing how we do business and even closing some doors. We are all forced to change how we act, think, communicate, and do business.

With that said, we are confident in our communities and that together, we will all follow the guidelines and help us all get to the other side.

As an agency, we are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our team and clients. We started this business because we care and ultimately want to help all of our small business clients, friends, and partners be their best – and we want to be a part of the solution. Here are a few tips in what we are observing and ways we can help you.

Shift to Digital Communication. 

From in-person to digital, there is a shift in how we work, where we work, and most importantly, how we communicate with each other and our customers. If you want to explore new options, take a look at Facebook Live, Instagram stories, Zoom (or other video conferencing options), and ways to connect with your customers and still give them the high-quality experience they expect.

New Priorities and Processes (and schedules!). 

With a focus on pivoting business operations or focusing on a new function or audience, business priorities have changed – and that change includes process shifts. There are also new schedules with employees and business owners doubling as science teachers, PE teachers, and support staff for family members. Through these shifts, it is important to keep open communication and keep the conversation going.

Therefore, in this situation, the River Avenue Digital team has pledged to become your marketing solution and navigate these uncharted waters. We thought about what we can do and created this list of services that we are offering to our clients at no additional cost:

What we can do…


 If you need help with your digital shift – creating your messaging about your business (and how it has changed) and distributing that message or connecting with your customers, we can help.


 If you need tips, tricks, and tools to streamline your processes, we can help with email automation and driving engagement through PPC campaigns.


If you want others to know about your business and want to share your story, we would love to feature you and your business in one of our upcoming video interviews (and be sure to check out the videos we already posted – lots of good lessons from your colleagues who are also going through the same challenges).

There are lots of things we can do right now – but don’t let giving up be one of them. Instead, let’s get creative and navigate these shifts together (because that’s what partnerships are all about).  We truly want everyone to be as successful as possible given these circumstances. So please reach out if there is anything – marketing or not – that we can do for you.

-The RAD Team