Did you know that the average visitor to your website will only stay for 15 seconds? If users can’t find what they need on your site right away, they are even more likely to leave. However, if they have a person that is at their fingertips to chat with, they can often easily find what they need and get questions answered more thoroughly than they might otherwise.

In fact, a study indicates that most consumers want to use messaging to interact with businesses. In 2020, you can expect that number has increased.

Meeting expectations and making things easy for your consumers will keep them on your page and increase the likelihood that they make a purchase during their visit. Live chat can help you do that.

The Benefits of Live Chat for Your Business

Live chat is a great tool to help convert website visitors to paying customers. Below are a few reasons that this tool works so well.

1. Reduced expenses compared to other types of support

Phone and email support really aren’t that expensive in the great scheme of things, but when you add up hundreds of phone calls and emails per day, it takes a toll on your budget.

For example, with a phone call, your customer service representative cannot do anything else except respond to the one individual caller. With live chatting, your team members can multitask. They can chat with many people at once. In fact, on average, if your team has the appropriate training, they can balance three customers at one time.

Because of the ability to multitask and other factors, live chat customer service ends up being up to 30% less expensive compared to the average phone call.

2. Improved customer service experience and overall increased brand loyalty

Customers appreciate access to live chat because they feel like they can reach out to someone right away and get valuable feedback. An eDigital Customer Service reviewed 2,000 customer opinions about live chat and other means to contact support. Live chat had the highest overall satisfaction rating—73%. This was 12% higher than email and nearly 30% higher than phone calls.

Clients enjoy that your team is available if they have questions. A study from Oracle noted that 90% of customers were pleased to see the “Live Chat” button because they knew they could immediately get help if they needed it.

When your team can quickly answer questions and solve problems, that increases the likelihood that a conversion will covert, and the customer will keep coming back.

3. Increased conversions and convenience

Studies have indicated over and over again that live chat helps increase sales. In fact, live chat can increase conversions by three to five times. Those who use the live chat feature are three times more likely to make a purchase compared to those who don’t.

Customers love the convenience of live chat. When surveyed, most customers indicated they preferred live chat compared to phone and email. It is much faster and more convenient for most users.

Live chat allows users to multitask, too. Econsultancy reported on a BoldChat study that indicated that 51% of customers used live chat because they could multitask while working with a customer service representative. Customers can use live chat at work, often when they are not able to make a phone call.

Roughly 79% of those who used live chat indicated that they used it because they knew that they would get an immediate answer to whatever question they had. Another 46% of those surveyed reported that live chat was the most effective communication method.

4. Creation of a competitive advantage

Most companies still don’t have a live chat feature on their website. That means that if you implement live chat now, you have a competitive advantage over similar companies. In 2018, only 17% of companies surveyed indicated that they were going to implement live chat. Getting brand loyalty with live chat can stop customers from looking any further beyond your company for goods or services.

Expectations are changing; today, nearly half of all customers surveyed indicate that they expect live chat to be an available feature on your website. That means that if you don’t have it, you are already not meeting customer expectations, which is bad for business.

Learn More About Live Chat

If you’re ready to take the next step toward great lead generation with live chat, ProntoChat can help. We put together a team for you to increase leads and conversions. In fact, many of our customers have increased their website conversion by 35 to 40%.

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