You’ve heard people say email is on its way out. Gen Z doesn’t use email. It’s old-fashioned and outdated.

That gives most marketers pause. Is email marketing dead then?

Despite all the articles declaring its demise, email marketing is alive and well in 2019. Instead, email marketing is evolving. These five insights will help you navigate the ever-changing world of email marketing.

1. Is Email Marketing Dead? Not by a Long Shot

As mentioned, email marketing is far from dead in the water. In fact, many people report it’s actually the most effective marketing channel you can adopt.

The fact nearly 50 percent of people like to receive promotional emails might have something to do with it. Email use is actually growing as well.

2. Personalization is All the Rage

Of course, just adopting email marketing doesn’t guarantee results. If you want to drive results, you need to figure out what the best email marketing strategy is.

One of the trends right now is personalization. Creating email campaigns that work in 2020 hinges on how well you segment your audience, then address their individual needs.

Micro-segmentation and hyperpersonalization are two keywords to keep on your radar. Micro-segmentation breaks your audience down far more than traditional demographic groupings. Hyperpersonalization uses AI and dynamic content to tailor email campaigns to each individual.

3. Automation is Everywhere

With personalization dominating email marketing trends, it’s clear why automation is so popular.

Automation allows you to use AI and other technology to respond to your audience faster. Scheduled email blasts are one thing. Dynamic content that shifts and changes as someone responds to campaigns is another.

Your marketing team is busy enough. Automation helps them use these effective tactics without being overloaded.

4. Engage with Interactivity

Some of the best email campaign ideas going into 2020 center around interactivity. The most engaging campaigns of 2019 ask users to play games or give their opinion.

In short, these marketing messages ask users to interact with the email in a fun way. It’s a lot more engaging for your audience than the old “click here!” style campaign. That’s why interactivity drives results in email marketing.

5. User-Generated Content Helps Everyone

The inclusion of user-generated content is another big trend right now. UGC can be anything from photos to text reviews to videos that your customers post.

Leveraging this content helps your marketing team. It lifts the burden of content creation from their shoulders.

It also allows your brand evangelists to jump into the fray and show their support. Finally, your prospects get to see real people reviewing and using your products.

It’s a win-win-win scenario.

Reinvent Your Email Campaigns for 2020

If you asked, “Is email marketing dead?”, now you know the answer is a definitive no.

With that in mind, it’s time to give your email marketing strategy a makeover for 2020. Get in touch and let the experts guide you through creating more effective email campaigns.