Google is the new phone book. When someone wants to find, well, anything, they fire up Google and get searching. Those searches include the medical field. In a survey, 3/5 of people chose their provider because they maintained a strong online presence.

Ignoring the internet is an excellent way to limit your business opportunities. Instead, you need to dominate medical SEO. With the right knowledge, you can put your practice in front of millions of eyes.

The better your SEO, the more patients you’ll treat.

Rule the SERPs

Search engine optimization refers to the process of getting your business to rank at the top of some Google search. You want your website to appear when someone searches “best doctors near me.”

While you might think it’s okay to settle for the second or third search engine results page, you’re wrong. Do not settle. Gold is the only medal that matters in the SEO world.
The number one SERPs rank gets 33 percent of search traffic. The number four position gets less than 10 percent of the traffic. Success means landing in those top four spots.


The medical field relies heavily on referrals. Either someone has a good experience and sends new patients to your practice, or you’re a specialist and relying on referrals from other doctors. Regardless, those referrals don’t grow on trees.

A strong medical SEO presence can help other medical professionals find your business. No, other doctors probably won’t rely on Google to find specialists. However, sometimes referrals are open-ended.

Office staff routinely search local specialists and list them on referrals. Patients can then search those choices. Which, as we mentioned above, is why you need to rule the SERPs.

Build Patient Trust

Building patient trust is an important part of modern SEO. People are more and more demanding that services cater to their every need. This includes offering useful online content. Google gives huge SEO juice to those who excel at content marketing.

Let’s paint a scenario. A patient is looking for information about their migraines. They’ll likely trust information they find on a doctor’s website, for obvious reasons. Your practice can either provide that information or let someone else help the person.

If you choose to provide the information you can utilize the article to boost your content marketing and SEO. Plus, that person might even turn into a patient.

Getting Started with Your Own Medical SEO

Creating your own SEO strategy from scratch isn’t easy. In fact, we don’t recommend that medical practices try to handle their own medical SEO. Google is always changing their metrics and keeping up is a full-time job.

That’s where we come in. Our medical SEO experts know their way around the SEO world. We understand the nuance required to run a medical practice’s website. Between legal liabilities, content strategy, and backlinks, we know how to help you succeed.

Get in touch with us when you’re ready to get started.