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RAD Social Media Marketing

Strategic Social Media that Tells a Story

Creating and implementing effective social media content for a variety of social channels based on the efficacy of the marketing channel and alignment with the intended audiences.

Social Media Audit

The first step is collecting baseline information to understand how your (and competitors) accounts are performning.

Account Creation

If we recommend accounts, we will set them up. And if your existing accounts could use some love, we optimize them for improved performance.

Social Media Strategy

We create a social media strategy that identifies the channels, messages, and frequency for posting and communicating.

Strategic Campaigns

Social media is about what you post, when, and who sees it. Strategic campaigns support brand messages and create awareness.

What You Get...

Select each of the RAD deliverables to learn more about what we offer within the scope of our social media marketing services.

If you have an existing social media presence, we offer an analysis of current account activity and results to uncover the insights leading to what is working and what isn’t working. By evaluating existing accounts and historical data, we can craft an effective approach in terms of which channels will contribute to your goals, the messages for each account, and the posting strategy for content distribution.

After identifying which social channels will be most effective in reaching your goals, we set-up the accounts. This includes the account creation, image requirements, descriptions, and any other optimization opportunities to ensure your accounts are in good shape from the beginning.


We take a strategic approach to creating and posting content on social media channels. We create a strategy that identifies the themes, topics, and content types to be posted on each social media channel. The strategy offers KPIs and benchmarks to measure progress and efficacy of the content based on type of post, when it was posted, and specific hashtags and keywords used in the posts.

Following the guidelines of a strategy and the roadmap of a calendar, our team diligently manages all of your social media accounts. This includes daily postings, integrating updated hashtags, and added new images and graphics as needed.


While posting on a specific candence is key, there are also opportunities to create and execute a more focused approach on a specific theme or action. This is what we refer to as social media campaigns, which have a specific message focus and goal. We create the campaign concept, required assets, and ensure execution.

The social media calendar outlines the content that will be implemented on a daily/weekly basis. The calendar identifies the themes based on your company calendar, national calendar, and seasonal events. It identifies the types of content to be posted and when based on audience behaviors and an analysis of current activity that offers insights into how the audience engages and wants to engage.


Community management includes monitoring social media posts and engagement to ensure questions are answered, comments are addresses, and relevant content is provided to all who engage.

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